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How CanDo can help

By providing CanDo free of charge, to people going through treatment, we want them to experience positive outcomes throughout and at the end of their treatment phase.

CanDo hopes to deliver a number of positive social and practical benefits to improve quality of life through treatment

  • Less social isolation
  • Greater personal autonomy
  • A reduction in the financial impact of stopping work
  • More attention on general wellbeing
  • Reducing the impact of stress and anxiety by removing concerns about how the “little things” get done

The CanDo app is the facilitator for delivering that help through team and task management, without the need for awkward “polite” conversations.

The app is free to download and CanDo is strictly not-for-profit.

We are proud to be affiliated with The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, who are a founding sponsor of CanDo.

User Guide

Team Building


Friends and family can be invited to join CanDo either via Facebook or email.

Task Management


The person going through treatment (or their appointed admin) can set up a list of everyday tasks, appointments or anything else they need help with.  You can choose who to allocate the task to, or allow your team to choose how they can help.



Team members want to know how you’re doing, especially after major appointments or treatment.  The Updates feature allows you to do this quickly and in privacy.



Over time we’ll be building a library of useful and interesting articles for both people needing help, and their support team.

Our Founder’s Story


Rachael Lonergan is an advertising executive who lives in Sydney, Australia.

At age 39 she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer which required treatment with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Making the situation even more difficult, Rachael’s sister had been diagnosed with a rare sarcoma and was also undergoing treatment.

In Rachael’s words

“My family was stretched to breaking trying to figure out how to support both of us so it was very difficult. Friends and co-workers would ask me what they could do, but I found that awkward, and my pride held me back from accepting the help I really could have used.  So I would say no, and then later on worry how I was going to change my bed sheets or sort through the insurance paperwork or manage the garden.

If I had to go through it again, I would accept more help. And it goes both ways. My friends really wanted to help, but I didn’t let them. I robbed them of that chance to validate our friendship. My message to anyone going through a similar experience is that you may not realise it yet, but you will need help, your friends genuinely want to help you, and they need you to give them a job that has meaning and value to you. CanDo has been designed to make this easier to achieve”

CanDo has another goal, which is to be a platform to talk about the importance of medical research.

“CanDo is proud to have The Garvan Institute of Medical Research as our founding sponsor.

Supporting medical research is something we strongly believe in.  The Garvan will be supporting CanDo in their programs and CanDo will help spread the word about how The Garvan is delivering world-class innovations in approaches to diseases, in a way that is relevant and motivating to people going through treatment, and their supporter network.

CanDo is dedicated to the memory of my sister.”

Katherine Maree Scott (nee Lonergan)
b. 16.2.67 – d. 31.3.13

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