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The CanDo News Review (and gift guide!) December 1st

It’s the first of December, and we’re heading at speed into the holiday season.  If you haven’t started thinking about gifts and your shopping strategy, you’re probably already lagging behind (don’t worry…I haven’t even thought about it!).  Let’s be honest about Christmas shopping – it’s stressful and frankly, a pain.  And we’ve all received gifts that either are just not our cup of tea, or we won’t ever use.  It makes me wonder why we put ourselves through it!

So today’s post is about how to give hope, support and love, by buying a gift that will never languish forgotten about in a cupboard.

Donate to medical research for a gift that will last create impact far beyond Christmas.

This year, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research are offering stylish holiday gift cards that you receive when you donate $50 or more in memory of or in support of a loved one.  Pop one of these in a stocking or as a hostess thank you that everyone will love.   There’s more info in this link.


Buy a yummy gingerbread man to support young people with cancer.

Redkite support children and young people with cancer and their families.  Through a partnership with Coles supermarkets, they’re selling donation cards for $2 and Gerry Gingerbread for only $1 at checkouts leading up to Christmas.

And look if you’re brave enough to go grocery shopping for Christmas alone, if Gerry doesn’t make it all the way home no one else has to know!


Slip, slop and slap down some cash for research and support services.

We all know skin cancer is on the rise and the Cancer Council offer some of the best quality products to protect our Aussie bodies from the harsh rays of our sun.  A hat for the car, or a spare pair of sunnies never goes astray.  Kids grow out of rashies every year and we all need sunscreen.  And the best part is that every purchase supports cancer research and support services.

Shop online here. 

Style your Summer with items from the Cancer Council


Finally, if you’re feeling inspired by the season and feeling in a giving mood, here’s some organisations that would love you to think of them this Christmas. 

Kasia’s having a baby on Christmas Day!  Read her story and support women like Kasia by donating to the Ovarian Cancer Australia Christmas appeal. 

Christmas is for spending time with family.  Organisations like the PanCare Foundation are raising money this Christmas to research new pathways for early detection, so that those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, may be able to spend more time with their families. Learn more here. 

We all eat and drink too much over Christmas and it’s a time to indulge.  But what if you were recovering from a disease like bowel cancer and had to manage a stoma over the holiday season? It’s not something we hear a lot about and often we think of bowel cancer as an old person’s disease.  But did you know over 2000 young Australians are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year? We need to know more about this disease and find treatments that are life-saving and provide a good quality of life. Bowel Cancer Australia would love your support this Christmas and you can donate to their appeal here. 


So that is by no means an exhaustive list of deserving organisations and the battle for your Christmas dollar is fierce. My preference is to donate to smaller, lesser known charities and directly to research institutions.  But I can guarantee that whether you are able to contribute $5 or $5000 to a cancer charity this giving season, your donation will have real, positive impact on the lives of people with cancer.  To be a little corny for a moment, that is the CanDo spirit!

The CanDo app is supported by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

When the question is “What can I do?”, CanDo helps turn empathy into action.

Please contact rachael@candoapp.com.au for comments / suggestions.

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