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The CanDo News Review (and gift guide!) December 1st

It's the first of December, and we're heading at speed into the holiday season.  If you haven't started thinking about gifts and your shopping strategy, you're probably already lagging behind (don't worry...I haven't even thought about it!).  Let's be honest about Christmas shopping - it's stressful and frankly, a pain.  And we've all received gifts [...]

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The CanDo Friday News Review for November 23rd

"Is it ok to visit my friend who's just had chemo while I'm sick?".  Well this will be a short one this week as unfortunately, your writer is very under the weather battling a cold.  It's got me thinking about immunity after cancer, as I know I am more susceptible to bugs, even nine years [...]

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Would you share your story to help others?

One of the guiding principles of CanDo, is to use the experience of difficult times, to create positive outcomes.  In that spirit, if you've been through treatment for a serious illness like cancer, we're seeking your story to show people going through a similar experience that they're not alone and to encourage reaching out for [...]

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Having to travel a long way to access treatment? This post is for you.

South Australians go to the polls on Saturday March 17th to elect a State Government.  Nick Xenophon, well known in the Federal Senate, and now leader of state-based political party SA Best, has called on whoever forms government on Saturday to commit $5 million in funding to help South Australians with rare cancers access to [...]

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Celebrating Christmas with cancer? 4 tips for what you can do.

We're fast approaching Christmas, while for those of the Jewish faith, Hanukkah begins in a weeks time.  Whichever holiday you affiliate with, religious or not, one thing these days have in common, is the coming together of friends and family, often over tables groaning with food. Now while some people relish the opportunity to entertain [...]

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So your friend has been diagnosed with cancer. What do you say?

Phew. This is a big one to tackle right out of the gate. This sounds like a simple question but the truth is it can be a bit of a minefield depending on the diagnosis of your friend, and your own experience with cancer and other serious illnesses. Maybe you’ll put off saying anything and [...]

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