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A blood test to detect cancer?

We’re back from a holiday break and bringing you some exciting news about the future of cancer detection!

Research conducted at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has identified a blood test that has potential to be developed as a screening tool for cancers including ovarian, pancreatic, liver and stomach cancer. Described as a “liquid biopsy”, the test was more successful for some tumor types versus others, but given some cancers are often not detected until symptoms of advanced disease appear (e.g. in cases of pancreatic cancer), the opportunity to give patients who are symptom free, a better chance at accessing successful treatment in the early stages of cancer is hugely encouraging.

While some media outlets are hyping this discovery and creating a lot of buzz around it, researchers caution that they still have a lot of work to do before these tests become available to us, the public.

It’s worth looking at the original publication of the study findings here in the journal, Science. At CanDo we are huge supporters of the scientists who work hard to find new methods of cancer detection and treatments (hence our support of our wonderful partner, Garvan).  Take a look and see what they’re doing to solve some of the most complicated scientific questions of our time.





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