The CanDo News Review (and gift guide!) December 1st

It's the first of December, and we're heading at speed into the holiday season.  If you haven't started thinking about gifts and your shopping strategy, you're probably already lagging behind (don't worry...I haven't even thought about it!).  Let's be honest about Christmas shopping - it's stressful and frankly, a pain.  And we've all received gifts [...]

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The CanDo Friday News Review for November 23rd

"Is it ok to visit my friend who's just had chemo while I'm sick?".  Well this will be a short one this week as unfortunately, your writer is very under the weather battling a cold.  It's got me thinking about immunity after cancer, as I know I am more susceptible to bugs, even nine years [...]

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The CanDo Friday News Review for November 16th

In today's roundup of news... Bill shock and moves by cancer charities to help patients avoid it A shout out to National Cervical Cancer Awareness week and the continued need for screening Batkid returns! The true costs of cancer. Living in Australia, we can sometimes take for granted that Medicare will cover our medical expenses, and if [...]

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The CanDo Friday News Review for November 9

November 9th 2018 Today's articles follow a bit of a theme, that of collective action towards making life better for others and especially those who've had experience of cancer.  Whether it's through fundraising, raising awareness or taking part in a study, there's so many ways you can join in with others to make a difference. [...]

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The CanDo Friday News Review for November 2

November 2nd, 2018 November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat and to survive. The symptoms are broad and can be attributed to a lot of conditions, meaning many people are not diagnosed until the later stages of disease.  Huge strides are happening in research, but [...]

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Hope on the horizon for advanced breast cancer

We're about to enter into Breast Cancer Awareness month, and while some people argue that breast cancer has almost universal awareness these days, what is less commonly known, is that breast cancer kills 8 Australian women, every day. 8 women. Every day. It is still a very deadly disease and while treatments for early stage [...]

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When cancer may not be cancer?

I was interested to hear about the study from researchers at the University of Sydney and Bond University here in Australia, that concluded that some early-stage cancers could potentially be re-classified as something other than cancer.  The reason to do this would be to stop specialists and patients jumping to the most extreme treatment options [...]

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Would you share your story to help others?

One of the guiding principles of CanDo, is to use the experience of difficult times, to create positive outcomes.  In that spirit, if you've been through treatment for a serious illness like cancer, we're seeking your story to show people going through a similar experience that they're not alone and to encourage reaching out for [...]

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The role of complementary therapies in cancer treatment

When you're diagnosed with cancer, there are no shortage of people willing to give you their two cents on what they think will help you survive or cure your cancer. "You need to cut out all sugar!  Cancer LOVES sugar!" "Do you want the number for the reiki healer that treated my aunt before she [...]

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