When cancer maybe, possibly isn’t cancer?

I was interested to hear about the study from researchers at the University of Sydney and Bond University here in Australia, that concluded that some early-stage cancers could potentially be re-classified as something other than cancer.  The reason to do this would be to stop specialists and patients jumping to the most extreme treatment options [...]

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Would you share your story to help others?

One of the guiding principles of CanDo, is to use the experience of difficult times, to create positive outcomes.  In that spirit, if you've been through treatment for a serious illness like cancer, we're seeking your story to show people going through a similar experience that they're not alone and to encourage reaching out for [...]

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The role of complementary therapies in cancer treatment

When you're diagnosed with cancer, there are no shortage of people willing to give you their two cents on what they think will help you survive or cure your cancer. "You need to cut out all sugar!  Cancer LOVES sugar!" "Do you want the number for the reiki healer that treated my aunt before she [...]

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Australian Government Boosts the Genomic Cancer Medicine Program by $50M

In a huge boost to those suffering rare cancers, yesterday the Government announced an additional $50M in funding for the Genomic Cancer Medicine Program, centred at Garvan. In Australia, more than 52,000 people are diagnosed each year with a rare or less common cancer. Of these, 25,000 will die as there are few treatment options [...]

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News about chemo for breast cancer

By now you'll have caught up with the news about the US-led research that has concluded that some women suffering from breast cancer may be able to avoid chemo during their cancer treatment.  It's wonderful news but it's important to pay attention to that word - SOME.  Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I [...]

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May 8th is World Ovarian Cancer Day

Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day. Every year, 1200-1400 Australian women are diagnosed with this disease and sadly 800-900 women will die. Worldwide, around 240,000 women face the diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, each year. What makes this one particularly difficult to diagnose, is that the symptoms are often vague or attributed to any number of [...]

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Having to travel a long way to access treatment? This post is for you.

South Australians go to the polls on Saturday March 17th to elect a State Government.  Nick Xenophon, well known in the Federal Senate, and now leader of state-based political party SA Best, has called on whoever forms government on Saturday to commit $5 million in funding to help South Australians with rare cancers access to [...]

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Free Garvan event: Hear about innovations in cancer research

On the 5th and 6th of April in Sydney, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research are hosting the Australian Translational Breast and Prostate Cancer Research Symposium 2018.  It's free and open to the public. Hear from scientists in the field, working towards better treatments and outcomes for patients. CanDo will be there to hear more [...]

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A blood test to detect cancer?

We're back from a holiday break and bringing you some exciting news about the future of cancer detection! Research conducted at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has identified a blood test that has potential to be developed as a screening tool for cancers including ovarian, pancreatic, liver and stomach cancer. Described as a [...]

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Celebrating Christmas with cancer? 4 tips for what you can do.

We're fast approaching Christmas, while for those of the Jewish faith, Hanukkah begins in a weeks time.  Whichever holiday you affiliate with, religious or not, one thing these days have in common, is the coming together of friends and family, often over tables groaning with food. Now while some people relish the opportunity to entertain [...]

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